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“You provide one of the single greatest services to our industry. And that, sir, is the simple truth. Just passed year one with 44 sales…I can honestly say that what your podcasts have done for me hugely attributed to that. :)”-Nate Brill

“Great info, Mike. I’m enjoying the insights from your interviews. I was a StarPower® Star years ago and love listening to this level of information. BTW, I have my biggest month ever pending this month. Not counting what my buyers agent has got going (and he’s got at least 6 deals pending), I have 16 closings pending worth over $114k in GCI. Last month was over 70k GCI. Again, I appreciate all you do for us. I know part of that success is a result of what I have learned listening to your material and you personally on your private master mind calls. Thanks.” – Monte Mohr

“I am so glad I stumbled upon your interviews. They are great. I listen to them in my car and have learned a ton. What I love most is how detailed and specific they are…you can really go out and implement those things that the top agents are doing. Thank you!”-Anne West

“LOVE top agent interviews. Many ways to the top of the mountain. Love ALL the different perspectives. And you ask RELEVANT questions. The questions I would ask to get to the core. Thanks.”-Lance Wald

“I started my real estate career two years ago, and I found out about Top Agent Interview and Master Mind Agent 6 months in. With your interviews and marketing ideas I’ve developed the understand it takes to become a successful businessman. Thank you for that! TAI & MMA Rocks!”-Sheldon Woodson

“The truth is, I LOVE the interviews. I really do. I think what you’re doing is wonderful. I hope to be on a call myself sooner or later.” – Bryce Fuller

“I LOVE this site and the calls. Thank you again.” – Steve Warrene

“I love the interviews! I have gotten several good ideas lately. Now, to put them into action! One recurring theme is superior service to your clients and differentiate yourself. Bringing a small gift on a listing appointment is genius. No one does that! Keep ’em coming! I’ve forwarded your site onto many other agents.” – Elizabeth Isaacs

“I always get excited about the info I learn in your interviews – believing it’s the best info ever, and then the next month you surprise me with something even better! It’s just like my mother-in-law: the food she prepares tastes better & better with every meal she makes 🙂 Cheers!” -Dan Zivkovic

“The interviews are awesome.” – Ron Huntley

“I’m learning and listening almost everyday (lots of catching up to do). Really enjoy it. Thanks! As a digital marketing expert (that’s what I do full time), I’m forming my plan to escape my full time digital marketing job and enter real estate full time. These podcasts help me form the escape plan. I have no doubt, I’ll be able to dominate my market from an internet marketing perspective, but I don’t know anything about the “real estate game” in general. Each interview is different and the interviews provide a wide-variety of personalities, styles, and strategies. I enjoy hearing all of them and taking bits and pieces from each one. Thanks again.” -Rich Spaulding

“I love your podcasts, man! I listen to them almost every day and am learning so much from the thousands of years of accumulated experience these agents offer. Keep it going! :)”-Nate Brill

“This is the Think and Grow Rich of Real Estate and everyone whether they are new or a veteran can benefit from your creation. This is a fabulous program you’ve put together. I learn so much by watching other people. I’m singing your praises. It is obviously that the agents have discovered that they can learn by sharing. I’m equally invested in my community service work, which is a literacy program my sons started with me when they were 5 & 7. Your program is allowing me to work smarter – not harder and providing me the time needed to work on the literacy program and discover ways to tie the literacy program into my real estate work. It’s especially exciting to hear what some agents do, that others don’t. I could listen to the entire library many times over and get so much more every time. I believe in The Secret and that which we focus on expands. I was looking for your program, but didn’t know it existed. I’m grateful and if there is anything I may ever do for you, please let me know. All my best!” – Carolyn Thompson

“I have found your podcast to be the single most helpful piece of education for me. I listen to every single one of these because everyone has something different to offer. Thank you so much for providing our industry such an invaluable service!” – Nate Brill

“I’ve really loved it. The interviews are long which gives us a chance to really learn what they do as opposed to other interviews where the agent just kind of talks about how cool they are and vaguely alludes to systems that we don’t know about. I’ve enjoyed the interviews and look forward to listening to more.” – Patty Laforte

“I love this site. It’s been extremely beneficial to new agents like myself. Thanks again!” – Matthew Alexander

“Love it, very motivating and informative.” – ​Hannah Peterson

“I think the interviews are great. I like listening to different agents from different sections of the country explain what’s working and was not working for them. I think it’s great what you and your company is doing. I hope you continue to do this and that more agent will listen and learn from other agents. Thank You.” – ​Paul Ferreira

“I am a new agent based out of Monroe, WA. I discovered your interviews while searching on Google. I have listened to 6 or 7 of them. They have benefited me in two ways; I have learned new techniques to try in my business and they have affirmed that the client-centered, relationship driven model that I am pursuing can enable me to get enough referrals to use them as the base of my business. Thank you for getting this information out to agents!” -​ Larry Littrell

“Thank you again for providing incredibly intense and detailed (“up-close”, as you describe it) interviews that do more than just talk in vague generalities!” -​ Terry Hunter

“The calls are great. I listen to them 4-5 times per week. Keep them coming!!!” – ​Tom Torres

“I love the interviews…it has definitely helped with my self confidence. I try to listen to one every day. I am getting so many great ideas. Thank you so much for doing this.” – Mike Watts

“Love the shows you do. As a new agent I feel like, I know, I’m gaining years of experience on my peers listening to your interviews.” -Bryan David

“I think the website is a great resource for new agents like me. I really appreciate the effort you put in interviewing all the top agents and making them available on the website. Thank you!” – Leigh Huo

“I love to listen to the interviews. It’s a terrific service. Thanks a million!” – Robbie Hoggard

“I love listening to these interviews and think you are the greatest interviewer that has ever lived! So often, I’ll listen to any type of interview on Television or Radio and think “Why didn’t they ask this or that and they let so much valuable information slide without further probing.” Your interviews are simply awesome because you seem to think like a listener instead of just being the interviewer. I am a brand new agent and I thank you so much for your very valuable work!” – Bryan Kerrigan

“Absolutely love it! Great content and interviews.” – Daniel Landry

“Excellent resource of learning and hearing directly from these top producers!” – Kerry Victor

“Thank you so much for all these interviews, I listen everyday when I have free time, and I absolutely love it! 🙂 It gives me more ideas and most important as for a new agent motivates me to go forward and never give up. They are truly appreciated! Thanks again!” – Elena Silvia

“I truly love the your website. I am finishing my 90 hour licensing class, and hoping to cut my learning curve by listening to the best. I have downloaded as many as I can and I listen to them all day at my current job. Thank you for supplementing my confidence with competence and I am grateful that they are free of charge. Thank you.” – Mason Arias

“Thank you for creating such a resource full website for real estate agent like me for their business growth. I learned so much that I have been applying each day in my business. Thank you.” – Imran Khan

“I’ve been listening for a while now….I think what you provide is amazing! I’m enjoying all the interviews and get some really good ideas from some pretty amazing agents! Thank you so much for this!! Thanks.” – Robert Caruso

“Really enjoy the interviews. Nothing else like it on the internet that I’ve seen. Thanks again.” – Luerenza Jackson

“What do I think of Top Agent Interviews? I think I am an extremely fortunate agent to have stumbled upon the website and am very grateful for it’s content, as well as appreciative of the effort to bring it to us free of charge! Top Agent Interviews is an invaluable tool to me and I take advantage of the interviews any chance I get. I’ve actually made it a routine to listen to a recording every morning as I am getting ready to tackle the day in the world of real estate. It’s proven to be more of a motivator than any old bowl of Wheaties or B12 could ever be! lol. As an new agent, the experience and advice that is provided by top producers willing to share their insight and wisdom is a valuable resource that simply isn’t provided in any real estate class. Thank you for your efforts to help all in this chosen career.” – Jamie McDowell

“The TOP AGENT INTERVIEWS are great! I am an aspiring Real Estate Agent from Detroit. Tyler Smith is my favorite to listen to….I will continue to listen and employ their suggestions! Thanks.” – Susie Rookard

“The interviews are invaluable. I am a new realtor – I will be taking my test on Wednesday. The Pat Hilbon interview was very informative. I purchased his book after listening to the interview. I look forward to the future. Your site is excellent.” – Kris Johns

“I think the conversations with the million dollar agents are great. All of the secrets and systems that they share are great. I think it’s a great source of support for anyone that wants to do well in this industry. Thanks so much!!” – LaMonica Hardwell

“Loving what I am hearing so far. I am only in the business 2 years and am with a small brokerage. Since we all work remotely I have been longing for this type of “insider” feedback and advise…..Doug & Kirsten Hill had some great ideas and shared the letters. I sent a HUD-1 to all my past clients from 2012 (as advised). Within 24 hours I had a positive reply from all. WOW! Talk about results. Instantly I was Top of Mind and have 2 lunch dates scheduled. I also have 3 closings scheduled (getting busy) and want to try out their idea of Client Questionnaire mailed out after closing. If it is anything like the HUD-1 suggestion. I can’t wait…..I also listen to Andy Mulholland. He’s so on his game for 5 minute videos on You Tube. I really like this. I am trying to get some things ready to go. I think the video may be even better to build that relationship. By the time I work with a customer, they should have a good feel for me. I also took note of some boundaries he sets (and expectations of the customers). My broker is working with me to STOP chasing the money and start building the long term relationship.” – Terri Ramsey

“I was tickled to find your site and have already listened to a couple of the calls. Great stuff! I had listened to StarPower® for years and was a actually interviewed myself in 2005. I forgot how much these sessions inspired me. I like your format even better. If I can ever help you in anyway, do not hesitate to call. Thanks.” – John Jones

“I think this is fantastic!!! I have listened to Don Wenner and was thrilled to hear him talk about going door to door. I have been telling my agents all year that they needed to do just that!! We have such a shortage of listings in this area this may be the only way to get them. Thanks for these offerings, a true blessing!!” – Vickey Wachtel

“Really enjoying these calls. I always stay motivated, no matter the market…but these calls give the extra boost. I was a StarPower® junkie before and needed something to fill the void. Thanks.” -Kale Hassan

“I’m glad that someone has stepped up with a platform like yours to interview top agents. 🙂 I was a big fan of Howard Brinton and a member of StarPower® almost from the beginning. I was sad that Alex couldn’t continue the legacy of Howard. Keep up the good work Mike! “ -Mitch Muller

“I have always missed Howard Brinton and Marshall Redder since they both went “off the air” and am really glad you have stepped in to fill the void. Keep up the good work.” -Bruce Theobald

“Well I listened to the latest interview and I picked up a few things. The information is fantastic, and if an agent actually applies some of these techniques as I am hoping to do I should be able to get right back on this horse and ride out of the corral at full speed. I am currently downloading all the calls to my iPod. : ) Thanks Mike.” – Donna Jarock

“I love it. I found it very informative. I think its a great tool to strengthen our mindset, stay focus and motivated by listening to agents that already are where we want to be. Thanks.” – Rafael Ortega

“These interviews are fantastic. They are not just a ten minute teaser. They are actually training sessions to hear and take notes on. These are incredible people that have done incredible things with their real estate careers and are doing a wonderful thing by passing it forward. Having to start over in my career preference, I need all the help I can get and I am sure a lot of other agents are as well. Thank you again Mike, for bringing this concept to the forefront. Looking forward to listening to your next call.” -Carlos Azcarate

“I think these calls are a great way to learn and get inspired. I been in the business about 3 years part-time and was ready to throw in the towel. Until, I ran across Now, I’m more fired up than ever. Thanks Mike.” – Michael A. Beard

“I am loving all of the content and taking notes. Hopefully one day, I will be a successful agent and can offer tips of my own. Your listening skills are amazing. Is anything scripted? You sound so great and ask all of the questions that I want to ask. Plus you really LISTEN and PROBE. It is great.” – Jan Carlisle

“Hello Mike! I just wanted to thank you for sharing the Top Agent Interviews! I just started to listen to them and I believe we were gifted for having you sharing your sites with us! The interviews are great and for sure a great way to learn how to open our minds and succeed in Real Estate! Thank you very much! – Lori Borseth

“I love your stuff! I downloaded it on my S3 and listen to them all the time! LOL, I love your questions too, you are NOT shy to ask the right questions! You get the agents to get really really honest, great job bro! I need to start taking notes!” – Ali Leb

“I have listened to at least 4 or 5 interviews since I subscribed to the Top Agent Interviews. I am inspired and motivated by each single person you have interviewed. I am ready to go out there and put to practice their recommendation… why re-build the wheel, right? Thanks a million for putting out such a great motivation and inspiring podcast. I look forward to future episodes. By the way, I have shared the link to several of my friends. Keep the good work.” -Alex Naranjo

“I love it. I am an agent to be and have yet to find anything even close as far as knowledge, information, and inside strategy for the industry. Thank you!” -Jordan Frank

“Great and inspiring stories. Overall, great site.” -Reuben Cano

“I really like your interviews and have been learning lots of great ideas. Thanks for all you good work!” -Travis Warner

“I am enjoying listening to the recordings. I’ve listened to two of them so far, one twice…Krista Mashore & Kenny Klaus. I’ve listened to Krista Mashore twice because her strategies is something I would like to implement in my business. I’m currently putting my plan together to getting going on my quest to become a top agent. Thank you for your help. I will succeed because of this valuable information.” -Sheldon Woodson

“The calls have been so VERY helpful. I am just amazed at the level of details provided. Today I was listening and it was so very informative. I feel so blessed to have found the website. As a new agent in the business, I attribute it and the calls for shaving years off of my learning curve! Thanks again for sharing!” – Monica Williams.

“I find the interviews informative and inspirational. I have shared it with several associates. Please keep them coming. Thanks.” -Mike Wahl

“Top Agents Interviews is AWESOME!!! Just started my PB license and soaking info from podcasts. Learned more about marketing and business than I knew in past 30 years. Very clear and smart questions. Thank You!!!” – Peter Florian

“I really like your probing questions and asking the guest to elaborate. You an excellent interviewer. The “Larry King” or real estate talk shows 😉 Great stuff and keep em coming.” – Randal Karotkin

“There are so many sites on the Internet claiming to provide information which will help boost Real Estate Agents (Realtors®) to success…One thing that stands out to me the most is the personalized response to my queries and feeling that I am actually connected to a ‘real’ person. No ‘Hype’ … just real day to day insight on how to really get ahead. You are on a winner here Mike. I have gained ideas from the calls I have listened to on your site and I’m sure many more agents will benefit from your calls. Thank you.” – Geri Welsford

“I love the interviews and I am learning. Thank you for your wonderful product.” – Karen Finchum

“These are so valuable. I have listened to every one many times over and over again.” – Doug Herdahl

“Really enjoying these calls. I always stay motivated, no matter the market…but these calls give the extra boost. Thanks.” -Kale Hassan

Thank you! This was a wonderful call, so helpful.” -Connie Medeiros

“I’ve been busy using the information and tips from the calls that I listened to. : ) Thank you.” -Lyndee Mayes

“I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed listening to these successful agents. I’m always picking up something from one of them. Thanks.” – Shawna Frazier

“The calls are very helpful! There are many great ideas out there, and this is a wonderful opportunity to hear what others are doing and decide which things are a good fit for our company. Thanks.” – Amy Shepherd

“I have listened to the Top Agent Interviews. They all have inspiring stories. I listen and I try to get ideas from each of them to motivate me to a higher state of action.” – Toni Brown

“I have listened to 4 of the calls. Pretty good stuff.” – Martin Zawarski

“You’ve got a nice little business. Good content and good value. I’ve got a neat way to listen to them rapidly with my android phone at 2x normal speed (no loss of comprehension). Best of success going forward!” – Mark Stewart

“I think the calls have been excellent. The interviewer does a great job. Thank you!” – Maria Carrasco

“Great site and great idea! Keep up the good work.” – Keith Bennett

“Good call! Lots of great ideas to try. I will be working on this today. Thanks!” -Doris Duhamel-Labbe

“Very informative. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s a great resource.” – Connie Medeiros

“It sure is a great site.” – Dr John M Vos

“I am thrilled to listen. Love all the calls. Thank you for your product!” – Kevin Duffy

“Great site. The duration of the calls and depth of information shared I found to be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!” – Daniel Vasquez

“Wow! It was like she was sitting in my living room telling me exactly how she did it as though I was her family.” – Vicki Gonzales

LOVE THE PRODUCT! I have already used some of the things from the agents.” – Rico Glover

“I loved it, wow that guy is amazing…… I really cannot believe he did all that at such a young age. Nice call and thanks, I received alot of information.” – Jennifer Napier

“Excellent, great ideas that I can implement right away. Great calls. Very valuable. Thanks for this service.” – Antonio Atoche